A Message from Our President

    necacbs-president-dennis-schauerMid winter is a trying time for everyone in cold climates but especially those of us with antique boats are always eager to hear the burbling exhaust and intoxicating smell of varnish that seems to permeate the interior hull.

    It is a planning time of year and so many of us on the “boat show crew” have been working on the July Show. Efforts are being made to streamline the event while reducing costs but making it more convenient for many of the entrants, some traveling good distances. Most all decisions will be made this month with information being available in this and the next Cutwater.

    One of the outstanding items that may not be fully resolved by this print time is the resolution of anchor methods for the tie lines. Watermark has an anchor system that has been approved by the Marine Patrol but not with the town of Meredith yet. Show chair Scott Robinson has been working with the three groups to try to get this done. The problem is that we have been the beneficiary of both Watermark Marine and Ambrose Marine for their barges used as anchors for the tie lines. Essentially we have used up our good will and it has become a hardship for them to continue as it takes the equipment out of work for a costly day. We are grateful for what they have done.

    I will conclude by noting a significant change in the timeline for this year’s show. It will essentially be narrowed to be a two day rather than three day show. Awards and barbecue will be on Saturday following the boat show which will also be one hour shorter. It is hoped that this will encourage those traveling to attend the show by not making for a long and costly affair. We will monitor this carefully to see if all works as we hope. If not, our follow up meeting will serve to make whatever changes we need for the following year.

    Happy wintering … Dennis

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