Fall Foliage Cruise 2012

The intrepid would-be cruisers in their best winter attire at the docks

…Well our much looked forward to fall cruise fizzled and blew away this year.  A lot of hardy souls did show up at the Wolfeboro docks with fingers crossed and wearing very heavy Jackets.

The problem was there were only three or four boats to handle everyone.  And those of us having just come through heavy seas and wind in “The Broads” knew that anyone sitting in the rear of any boat would arrive in Meredith encapsulated in ice, as the outside temperature was in the low 30’s.  So after a brief summit meeting we decided to do a “Fall Foliage Walk” up the hill to the Wolfeboro Inn.  We didn’t see much foliage or many mountains during our uphill journey, but it was invigorating and the breakfast warmed us up a bit.

I think most of us missed previous years venue at “The Naswa” and the cruising around the Northwest Territory.  Certainly a water cruise is preferred.

We’ll discuss this but, may I suggest next year we move the event back a week or two?  And, in addition, set a rain/wind date.  Any inputs from others would be appreciated, feel free to leave suggestions in the comment box below.


Photos: Charley & Ilona Train

Editor’s Note: We heeded Charley’s first suggestion about an earlier date with the 2013 date being October 5th.  We also ordered fair seas and winds.  A rain date is still to be determined.  Possibly next day or next week?  And decide at dockside based upon prevailing conditions and forecast, perhaps?  Leave your comment below and let us know!


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