Wolfeboro Car & Boat Rendezvous 2012

This was the year that we wanted to begin seeing old sycles.  As it turned out, the weather was not going to cooperate to its fullest extent.  The previous days had been rain filled and the forecast, while a bit better, was not terribly encouraging.  I battled around the concept of cancelling it but in the end decided we would move forwrd.  It would have been distuptive for those who planned on making the effort and there are always several hundred hearty souls who look at the adventure of it all.

So, to reward those that would come, music played and lots of hot coffee and doughnuts were there for the taking.  It was a bity nippy and a slight drizzle to begin but as the morning went along the drizzle stopped and the temp became tolerable.  Boats began to slip in, slowly at first but by 10:30 a very nice diverse grouping of boats were docked ready for the spectators.  Cars arrived a little later but, they too, would begin slowly but by mid morning began to flow in and by noon it was clear that the show was once again the hit that has made it one of the primary fun events for the chapter.  The Lions club would conduct a raffle for one of Peter Ferber’s framed Posters.  Peter had his tent and posters available for the crowds again and our chapter had its ship’s store there as well.

At 3 p.m. we concluded and after counting the spectator votes for their favorite car and boat, the winners were Charley Train and his new acquisition of a Mercuty Wagon woody for the cars and the people’s choice for boats was once again Work of Art owned by Keith and Judy Wolcott, a 1967 Lyman Sportster.

1948 Mercury Woody
Charley Train

This is a rare specimen in pristine condition.  New it cost $2,200 in 1948.  Charley recently purchased it from a collector in California.  The wood and rare roof rack are all original.  The car looks like it just came from the factory.

1967 Lyman Sportster Work of Art
Keith & Judy Wolcott

Ever since completing its extensive restoration, Work of Art has apperared at several shows and won most times.  Keith particularly likes the People’s Choice honors.

Thanks to all who were sports to bing their cars including Richy Clyne, Nick DaBica, Charley Train and several others and to the over 20 boat owners who decided to take a chance.  Below you’ll find a gallery of cars and boats that appeared at the show.

See you next year!

All photos: Eric Sojka


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