39th Annual Lake Winnipesaukee Antique and Classic Boat Show 2012

July 28, 2012 at the Meredith, NH town docks

The weather cooperated perfectly with a beautiful day for our 39th Annual Boat Show.  This, in combination with myriad support from the Town of Meredith, over 100 car and boat participants and many, many volunteers presented one of our best shows ever.

More than 25 cars and 80 boats were on hand to be viewed by the hundreds of onlookers and enthusiasts.  Cars were for display only and many boats were competing for the coveted Best of Show awards and Best in class awards.  You will find all of the winners on the next few pages with pictures of the first place winners in a beautiful color gallery.

This year we utilized the entire Hesky Park area for multiple displays including non-judged boats, a few judged boats, and the Field Of Dreams.  The Field Of Dreams was especially successful this year with some beautiful vintage boats for sale.

Century was the honored marque this year.  The honored marque gets special recognition each year.   Firstly, all the Century’s in our chapter are presented in a color centerfold in the Spring issue of the Cutwater; then there is a selected featured Century on the cover and in a special article in the Cutwater; and finall Century is the subject of the original art work poster by Peter Ferber.    Each year we hope that this honor entices the honored marque’s participation at our show.  For the last few years when we began this it slowly caught on.  This year was a remarkable success with over 20 Centurys attending the show and among them winning seventeen of our top awards.

Congratulations and thank you to all the Century owners.

There are many volunteers required to provide a show of this size and caliber year after year.  Thank you to all.  There are several that require special mention because of their tireless support in presenting this event.  They are:

Boat show Chairman        Bill John
Chief Judges            Bo Muller and Chris Johnson
Registrar            Diane MacArthur
Dock Meister            Donnie McLean
Parking Lot Manager        Lin Galucia and Karen Sanders
Jet Ski Drivers/Riders        Dennis Schauer/Donnie McLean and Lyn Miller/Roger Burgess
Launching Ramp        Rick Fileau and Garry Michael
Hesky Park            Bill Marcussen and Curt
Ships Store            Jane Montgomery

Again, our grateful thanks to you and all of the others who supported the show.

Below are some photos of the event for your enjoyment, many thanks to chapter photographer Eric Sojka for these terrific images.