Group Runs for 2024!


We know dock space can be an issue in the summer, so some of these runs may begin and end at some chosen location on the lake, in some bay or cove. The runs will end where the Group Lead chooses, whether it involves docking, a meal or drink someplace, or just a wave-off and a “See ya next time!”

Date & Time

The date, time and location of the meetup will be chosen by the Group Lead and posted here to the site. Arrangements will be made with the Lead directly. A general route will also be posted, so if any other boaters want to wait at some point along the route and join up as the Run goes by they are encouraged to do so!

Photos & Video

We are planning on having a drone operator on board for some of these runs, so we can show off how much fun is to rally these boats around. Anyone who comes along is also encouraged to take their own photos or video and forward them to us for posting here on the website. Invite your drone-running friend along!


Some of those on the run may opt to have others join them on their boat if there’s extra seating. If there are any seats available on a boat it will be noted in the posts below. Arrangements to get on the boat can be made with the boat owner directly. A good opportunity for anyone to get a wooden boat ride in!

Other Notes

Weather – “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry!” If the weather looks like it won’t cooperate on the day of the Run, the Lead will reach out to those attending and make plans to reschedule. Or they may choose to run anyway if they’re outfitted with a top, it will be at the discretion of the lead.

Day of the week – Some people prefer to only boat during the week to avoid the crowds, others are busy during the week and only available on the weekends to ride. If none of the planned runs fit your schedule consider planning your own run that does!

Pace of the run – There will be a general agreed upon pace to the run, for the sake of keeping the group together. Some runs will be leisurely, ambling cruises. Some may stop at agreed upon spots to take a break, regroup, snap some pics, maybe take a dip? Other runs may be a straight-shot, perhaps letting those horses stretch their legs a bit! All up to the Run Lead.

Current Group Runs for 2024

Below are listed the runs currently planned for this year. At present some dates are to-be-announced, as soon as more information (date, time, route) comes in it will be added in the Details section. If you are interested in joining for a particular run simply reach out to the Lead with their provided contact info. 

'The Ragtop Run' with Tom & Julie Fergus


Date – TBA

Time – TBA

Meetup Location – TBA

Contact – Tom Fergus 

A themed run of Triple Cockpit boats with ragtops! Do you have one? If you own a boat with a convertible top you should join in on the run, it will be quite a site to see a bunch of ragtops cruising across the lake. Reach out to Tom with the contact info provided above.

'Speedboat Breakfast Runs' with Mark Mason


Date – TBA

Time – TBA

Meetup Location – HIAWATHA Boathouse Cottage – Smith Cove near marker #55, by GPS it’s 17 Roberts Rd, Gilford

Contact – Mark Mason – 1 (603) 369-0042

Additional Info

Throughout the season Mark likes to grab breakfasts by boat with his friends and encourages any and all members to join. These are spontaneous, short notice runs. They involve an early-morning meet up, a run to a breakfast joint somewhere on the lake and then a ride off. All done by mid-morning so Mark can get to his shop! We will be posting here whenever he has one of these planned, but feel free to reach out to Mark at the contact info above so you don’t miss one. See the image on the right for some of the potential destinations for these runs.

Click on the image to the right to enlarge it  >>>

Fall Foliage Cruise with Russell & Susan Lunt's GYPSY


Date – Saturday October 5th (rain-date Oct 13th)

Time – 4-7 p.m.

Meetup Location – Near Stonedam Island, Meredith

Contact – Russell Lunt –

Additional Info

From Russell: Gypsy’s home is Stonedam Island, we would start from this location or near to it. We cruise at a slow pace, perhaps 6 or 7 kts to take in the foliage.  Because it is cool in October, we should make it an afternoon cruise into the evening, from 4 to 7pm and we could stop somewhere at the end, perhaps the Weirs.  We like to weave through the islands, Mark, Mink, Camp, 40 islands, up past Bear, Pine, perhaps towards Long Island.  This gets us a nice foliage show. 

Add your run here!

If you are interested in leading your own run just reach out to us and we’ll add you to the roster, send an email to:

Photos & videos from previous runs!

Mark Mason Speedboat Breakfast Run - Thursday, July 20th - Gilford to Center Harbor

Mark’s most recent run from his boathouse cottage HIAWATHA in Gilford to Center Harbor looks like it was an absolute blast!

Click on the image to the right to see the route they took >>>

Tom Fergus hitched a ride on Mark’s Gold Cup Racer IMPSHI and took some great photos and footage, check ’em out!

Tom wrote more about the run on his & Julie’s travel blog Wine & Whiskey Travelers, head over there to read more about it!

Don’t forget, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we advise you get in on the next run and start your day off right! Mark’s contact info is above, reach out to him and he’ll put you on his notification list.