Mission Statement

To bring together people with a common interest in historic, antique and classic boats, sharing fellowship, information, experience and ideas.
To protect the heritage of boating by promoting first, the preservation and second, the restoration of historic, antique and classic boats.
To promote, further, and encourage a love and enjoyment of all aspects of historic, antique and classic boating.
To serve as a communication channel for our membership, the public, and any other entities regarding information related to historic, antique and classic boating, to include serving as a clearing house and referral service for all information relating to historic, antique and classic boating.
To inspire and support quality boat shows and related events.
To educate our membership and the general public concerning safety and protocol as it relates to historic, antique and classic boating

Principal Activities of the NEC

Publication of the “Cutwater” (the official newsletter of the NEC-ACBS) – Its mission is to serve as the primary communication vehicle to (and from) the membership of the chapter by providing, on a regular (quarterly) basis, and in a cost effective manner, the dissemination of vital and interesting information designed to promote interest and encourage participation in the activities of the chapter on the part of both current and prospective members.

Public Boat Shows/Gatherings/Excursions – Regularly sponsor and administer shows and rendezvous which display our boats, either judged or not, for the education and pleasure of our members, while at the same time providing free to the public the enjoyment of viewing the labors of our members’ efforts.

Historic Memorabilia – Provide to chapter members and the public tangible evidence of the spirit of our boating heritage by producing annually an art poster on some aspect of historic, antique or classic boating in the New England Region.

Chapter Identification and Pride – Provide to members and the public articles of clothing by which they may identify themselves with the New England Chapter of the ACBS.

Donations to Other Entities/Public Welfare – In the past (as well as anticipated in the future) made cash contributions to The New Hampshire Boat Museum and The Antique and Classic Boat Society, both of which are 501(c)3 organizations. As the financial resources allow, anticipate providing benefits to members of the public in general through the consideration of scholarships, education, and facilities improvements, which enhance a wide range of boaters’ interests.