Peter Ferber Boat Show Posters

In 1993, after almost twenty years of producing an annual Weirs Boat Show advertising flyer, which usually pictured the previous year’s Best of Show winner, Phil Spencer accepted the challenge of the Chapter’s Board of Directors to improve the show posters. Phil, a local boat restorer and past president of the chapter, spent several months doodling with different ideas before coming up with the “Bingo!” idea.

He contacted local artist, Peter Ferber, whose works were becoming well respected and included many scenes featuring boats. Peter was very enthusiastic about the prospect of perhaps memorializing each year some aspect of antique and classic boating in New England and said, “I’ve been waiting for your call to do this!”

Phil and Peter went right to work developing the concept of that first poster for the 1994 Show. The results were an impressive collection of pieces that capture the spirit of the bygone times as well as the hearts of wooden boat aficionados from all areas even beyond the New England region. From the graceful simplicity of the late afternoon view of the Chris-Craft triple and launch in that first painting, to the elegance of the magnificent yacht Swallow and and its equally magnificent boathouse, Swallows Nest, or to the nostalgic charm of the bride and her father on the way to the wedding chapel, the viewer is captivated by Peter’s ability to portray the “feel” of our magnificent antique and classic boats as well as our beautiful environment.

Then in 2009 the current Boat Show Chairman, Bill John started working with Peter Ferber to more closely tie the poster with the current boat show and used as a marketing tool to promote each show and honoring a featured marque of boat each year set in a scenic, historic setting on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. We have honored Garwood, Chris Craft, Hacker, Century and Lyman.

Each of these commemorative posters has its own story and when framed as a group make for an impressive display. Each 18”x 24” poster is individually signed by the artist and is priced at $30, they can be purchased over in our Ship’s Store!

To see what our show posters looked like before Phil and Peter got involved, check out the archives on our Chapter History Page!