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In 1993, after almost twenty years of producing an annual Weirs Boat Show advertising flyer, which usually pictured the previous year’s Best of Show winner, Phil Spencer accepted the challenge of the Chapter’s Board of Directors to improve the show posters. Phil, a local boat restorer and past president of the chapter, spent several months doodling with different ideas before coming up with the “Bingo!” idea.

He contacted local artist, Peter Ferber, whose works were becoming well respected and included many scenes featuring boats. Peter was very enthusiastic about the prospect of perhaps memorializing each year some aspect of antique and classic boating in New England and said, “I’ve been waiting for your call to do this!”

Phil and Peter went right to work developing the concept of that first poster for the 1994 Show. The results were an impressive collection of pieces that capture the spirit of the bygone times as well as the hearts of wooden boat aficionados from all areas even beyond the New England region. From the graceful simplicity of the late afternoon view of the Chris-Craft triple and launch in that first painting, to the elegance of the magnificent yacht Swallow and and its equally magnificent boathouse, Swallows Nest, or to the nostalgic charm of the bride and her father on the way to the wedding chapel, the viewer is captivated by Peter’s ability to portray the “feel” of our magnificent antique and classic boats as well as our beautiful environment.

Then in 2009 the current Boat Show Chairman, Bill John started working with Peter Ferber to more closely tie the poster with the current boat show and used as a marketing tool to promote each show and honoring a featured marque of boat each year set in a scenic, historic setting on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee. We have honored Garwood, Chris Craft, Hacker, Century and Lyman.

To see what our show posters looked like before Phil and Peter got involved, have a look at the archives on our Chapter History page!

Each one of these commemorative posters has its own story and when framed as a group make for an impressive display.  Each 18”x 24” poster is individually signed by the artist and is priced at $30.

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2021 Show Poster

This boat house (literally) is located in the Smith Cove channel on Lake Winnipesaukee. Built in 1902, it now is home to a variety of race boats and runabouts. Shown here are Gold Cup Racers “Impshi”, a 1925 George Crouch design, and “Wilgold”, a 1924 Hacker. “The Bees Knees” is an original 21’ gentleman’s racer from the 1920’s, also designed by John Hacker. “Sultana” is another Hacker designed triple cockpit shown in the foreground. Tied alongside the house is a 1934 22’ Dodge runabout “Siren”.

2019 Show Poster

The setting is the Allison camps and boat house on Keniston Island in Wolfeboro. It’s a bit of a landmark at the southern end of Lake Winnipesaukee. Built in the early 1900’s, it’s been in the same family every since. One Allison brother used to live there thru the winter. The boats featured are all Gar Woods. In the foreground is “Ragtop” a 1930 28 foot triple cockpit. To the right is a 1948 21 foot Speedster. Entering the boathouse is “Jessie”, a 26 foot triple cockpit runabout. It was bought used from Nat Goodhue at Goodhue and Hawkins Navy Yard in Wolfeboro in the 1930’s and has lived in this boathouse ever since.

2018 Show Poster

“Bang-and-Go-Back” Race

The Setting: 1930’s, Loon Island Lighthouse, Lake Sunapee, NH.

The Race: This series of races was put on by the Lake Sunapee Yacht Club, and were know as the “Bang-and-Go-Back” races. They were a big deal on Lake Sunapee in the 1930’s A cannon would be fired from the bow of the committee boat (in front of the lighthouse) to indicate the start of the race. All of the boats would then head off in a single direction at full speed. After an unknown but specific amount of time the cannon would be fired again. At that point all of the contestants would turn and head back to the start/finish line. In order to win a boat would have to cross the finish line in the exact same amount of time as between the two gun firings. It was a matter of timing and knowing your boat. It was not a matter of speed and power, but the precision in handling your boat that determined the winner. So I wide variety of boats could compete together on a level playing field–or lake, in this case!

The Boats: Front to back, and all Chris-Crafts–the marque at this year’s show–unless otherwise identified:

1927 26’ flat deck triple cockpit runabout.
“Miss Sunapee II” 1929 27’ triple cockpit runabout.
“Royal Flush III” 1939 27’ Model 937 custom racing runabout.
1927 27’ Fay and Bowen long deck launch.
1935 16’ flush deck double cockpit runabout.
1935 21’ flush deck triple cockpit runabout.
1927 22’ Cadet triple cockpit runabout.
1928 24’ Hackercraft Dolphin Jr.
Committee boat: 1903 25’ Elco launch

2017 Show Poster

This poster depicts a gathering of boats in the 1950’s for a picnic at a beach on Ragged Island, on Lake Winnipesaukee, now a Lakes Region Conservation Trust property.  In the background you can see Mt. Shaw and Bald Knob.  The boats depicted are–left to right–a 1953 35’ Chris Craft Commander cabin cruiser, a 1934 30’ Hutchinson Sedan, a 1950 18’ Chris Craft Sportsman, and a 1941 30’ Gar Wood Commuter.

2016 Show Poster

The setting is Center Harbor c. 1915, showing the old Colonial Hotel (which had other names thru the years, and burned down in 1919).  You can also pick out the Church on the left, and the Coe House on the right–current-day landmarks.

The launch featured in the foreground has an interesting history, and was on display at our 2016 annual boat show.  The boat dates from 1904, the engine from 1915. It is extremely rare in that it is all original, and has never been restored, just maintained.  Everything you see, even the life jackets and seat cushions, is over 100 years old, and has always been with this boat.  The hull was sold as a kit–fitted at the factory in Baldwinsville, NY, then crated and shipped by rail and canal to the customer on Long Lake in Maine.  It was reassembled and finished in a boathouse there by the property’s caretaker.  While in the process of installing the “new” engine in 1915, World War I sent him off to battle.  Disabled in combat, he was never able to complete the installation, and the boat sat in the boat house for 90 years.  Dusted off and oiled up, the new owners were able to get her running, and now use her on a regular basis.

The other prominent boat is a 1913 Goodhue and Hawkins Laker–the only one built with oak decking.  Behind that is a fantail launch transporting visitors and their luggage across the harbor.  The steamer Cyclone has made a stop in front of the hotel.

2015 Show Poster

The scene depicts Chris-Crafts in Wolfeboro’s Back Bay with the train station in the background in the 1930’s.  The boat in the foreground predates “Chris-Craft”–when it was know as the Chris Smith & Sons Boat Company.  This is the first standardized production model they offered, a 26’ runabout, debuting in 1922.  Also shown is a 1930 26’ triple cockpit upswept runabout with Dietrich top, and a 1939 16’ red, white and blue Racing Runabout.

2014 Show Poster

Fall Rendezvous

Boats gathering to head out of Green’s Basin on Lake Winnipesaukee for the annual Vintage Car and Boat Rendezvous in Wolfeboro.  Boats include a 20’ Chris Craft Custom runabout, an 18’ Chris Craft Riviera, a 24’ Shepherd, with an older Shepherd in the distance.

2013 Show Poster

Honoring Lyman Boats

2012 Show Poster

Honoring Century Boats, Alton Bay

and the 1960′s Marathon Water Ski Races

2011 Show Poster

Honoring Hacker Boats and The Dunsford Boathouse

2010 Show Poster

Honoring Chris Craft Boats and Irwin Marine

2009 Show Poster

Honoring Gar Wood Boats and Channel Marine

2008 Show Poster

Arriving At The Boat Show

2007 Show Poster

Water Skiing Of The Century(s)

The novelty of water skiing in the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s brought crowds to shows like this one at Weirs Beach on Lake Winnipesaukee. And where there was water skiing, there were Centurys. The 1960 16′ Century Resorter pulling the slalom skier had been the official towboat for American Water Ski Association competitions since 1954. Waiting in the foreground is a 1957 Coronado with a pair of Aqua Sport skis manufactured in nearby Laconia. Sitting in the background are a 1957 Arabian and a 1960 Coronado, the height of automotive styling influence, its portholed hardtop taking a cue from the Ford Thunderbird. Approaching the reviewing stand is a daring 6-man pyramid towed by a 1959 19′ Resorter. At the dock is the Weirs Ski Club’s original 1940′s 17′ Correct Craft towboat along with one of the “Miss Winnipesaukee” ride boats. At the left, a group watches from the stern of a 1958 Chris Craft Commander cabin cruiser. Along side is “Me-Ski-Tow”, a Pen Yan Swift with 25 hp Johnson motor, from Dick Binette’s Weirs Beach ski school. Dick was a national ski jumping champion and record holder, and Cypress Gardens star, indicative of the prominence of the Weirs Ski Club in those days, hosting the National Water Skiing Championships on Lake Opechee in 1954 and 1959.

2006 Show Poster

Moonlight Over The Broads

“Keen Kutter” knifes thru the moonlit waters of the Broads on Lake Winnipesaukee, circa 1925. Built in an era when the prevailing theory was, the longer and narrower the boat, the faster, it isn’t surprising that when Thomas Plant (“lord” of the Castle in the Clouds) when Thomas Plant (“lord” of the Castle in the Clouds)
commissioned Goodhue and Hawkins to build him the fastest boat on the lake, they made it three feet longer than any others they built. Launched in 1913, his 36 foot laker was named for the leather cutting machine he invented for the shoe industry and which brought him much of his fortune. Steaming past Rattlesnake Island in the background, is the “Governor Endicott”. This 100 foot vessel was built at Lakeport in 1905 and operated thru the 1920′s, providing regular service between the railroad station at the Weirs and Melvin Village, including a stop at the Hotel Wawbeek. It also did an extensive excursion business, like these moonlight cruises. “Keen Kutter” still cuts thru the waves of Lake Winnipesaukee. It recently underwent a complete restoration and now resides at Cow Island in Tuftonboro. Hopefully this image will evoke that unforgettable feeling anyone has experienced following that simmering path across those dark waters on their own moonlit excursions.

2005 Show Poster

Lake Wentworth Rendezvous

Below Copple Crown Mountain, the waters of Lake Wentworth promise a great afternoon in the summer of 1960. At the dock is a 1956 19′ Chris-Craft Capri, the full-blown representation of mid-fifties modern design with its raked bull-nose bow, the blonde wood accents, and the wraparound windshield. It was to be the last true decked runabout Chris-Craft built. Paying a visit just beyond is its forerunner, a 1948 19′ “Red and White” Racing Runabout. This design debuted in 1935 for the amateur racing clubs of that period. Heading out into the lake is a 1960 18′ Higgins Mandalay. An example of the open cockpit successor to the runabout, it also reflects the next wave of automotive-inspiredstyling updates in the late fifties and early sixties. While not one of the more familiar classic boat manufacturers, the Higgins name is legendary to veterans and history buffs of World War II as the designer and builder of the landing craft so key to the D-Day invasion. Pulled up on the shore is a considerably earlier “open cockpit” sport boat, an Adirondack Guide boat, designed to carry 2 or 3 people and their gear, row easily, be stable and seaworthy, and yet light enough for the guide to portage on his back between lakes. The result is a craft that moves and handles almost effortlessly.

2004 Show Poster

Ride The Speedboats

These ride boats had already seen many years of service by 1948, the year pictured here, but they still drew flocks of eager passengers in the upbeat years following World War II. “The Minute Man” was a 28 foot Hacker Craft from the late 20′s or early 30′s, named for its mile-a-minute speed. As it moves out, a fellow optimistically looks for a challenge match in his new 15 foot Lyman powered by some serious “iron”, a 1948 33.4 horsepower Evinrude Speedifour. Returning from a “thrilling” run up Alton Bay is the “Yankee Flyer IV”, a 28 foot Dodge triple cockpit runabout. Across the channel awaits the “Legionnaire 70″. Billed as “the fastest public speedboat in the world”, this custom-built 36 foot Gar Wood, powered by a 1,000 horsepower Packard engine, burned airplane fuel and reached speeds in excess of 70 mph. Downing’s Landing anchored the tip of Alton Bay and was ready to provide you with everything from breakfast or lunch in the “Land-Ho” snack shop, to boat rides, gasoline, a new boat or motor, but always a happy memory.

2003 Show Poster

Spindle Point Fly-By

Three boats that were the trendsetters in their eras speed past Spindle Point, Lake Winnipesaukee, on their way into Meredith. In the foreground, is a 1919 William Hand designed gentleman1s racer built in Alton Bay, New Hampshire. “Winwood” is the only example of this particular 20′ model know to exist. The beautiful streamlined design of the barrelback, or barrel stern, runabout represents the late 19301s. Here in the background is a 1939 19 foot Chris Craft that featured twin Bugatti-style windshields. Finally, the unmistakable 1955 Chris Craft Cobra with its gold fiberglass dorsal fin. Only 102 of these sportscar-inspired craft were ever produced. 19 and 21 foot versions offered speeds of up to 55 mph. The stone observatory tower, a landmark at the end of Meredith Neck, was built in 1892.

2002 Show Poster

Island Outing

This fishing party from the early 19001s has set up camp on Little Whortleberry Island on Lake Winnipesaukee.

The long deck canoe with torpedo style ends in the foreground was also known as a 3courting canoe2 with the gentleman paddling in a kneeling position against the stern thwart and the young lady seated in the bow facing him. The rowing skiff features a graceful 3wine glass2 transom, and in the background a venerable Old Town is pulled up on the sand. A few examples of antique fishing equipment are scattered through the scene including wicker creels and pack baskets.

2001 Show Poster

Launching The Season

A father and daughter launch their 24′ Hacker Dolphin at the local boat ramp in Georges Mills on Lake Sunapee in the early 1950′s. Waiting in the foreground is many a youngster’s dream then, a Penn Yan Swift equipped with a ten horse Mercury Hurricane outboard. Behind it, tied up at the landing is a Dodge Watercar triple with folded Deitrich-style top and mermaid cutwater ornament. This was the boat supplying the speed boat rides advertised at the small boat livery and gas dock operation in the background. Here the local U. S. Mail boat, a Gar Wood hardtop gases up for its route as 27′ custom built Chris Craft flush deck runabout approaches. A beautiful double-ended picnic launch gently glides out into the lake as a fleet of Star boats races in the distance, near the Herrick’s Cove lighthouse.

2000 Show Poster

On The Way To The Chapel

A bride and her father approach an outdoor island chapel seated in the stern of a 1937 22′ Chris Craft utility. Joining the early evening procession on Squam Lake are a 1928 26′ Fay and Bowen Laker, a 26′ Chris Craft upswept triple cockpit, a grey and white painted one-of- a-kind launch with rear cockpit helm and passenger seating in a bow cockpit forward of the engine, and a Hacker Craft rounding the point in the distance.

1999 Show Poster

Swallow’s Nest

This magnificent boathouse, still standing today, recalls a long passed era of gracious living. Built to house the private steam-powered yacht Swallow, it includes three story high doors to accommodate its occupant’s masts. The 75′ vessel’s exquisite lines incorporate a fantail stern deck with wicker furniture, a curved front pilothouse, and culminate in a schooner-type bowsprit. This hints at her seagoing origin along the New England coast where she was built at Four Rivers in 1890. Joining in this snapshot of life on Lake Winnipesaukee in the 1920′s is a sleek and graceful 1908 locally-built laker and the ‘Model A” of family boating, a 22′ Chris Craft Cadet.

1998 Show Poster

Early Arrivals

As the mists disperse the boats assemble for the annual Lake Winnipesaukee show at the Weirs Beach docks. A turn of the century 29′ fantail launch coasts into position, past Miss Winnipesaukee, a 1930 26′ Chris Craft triple cockpit ride boat that operated for over 30 years. Easily recognizable in the background is Baby
Bootlegger the legendary 1924 Gold Cup racer. Also approaching the docks are a couple of vintage Gar Woods and a Century Coronado, among others, joining a Chris Craft barrel-back and Capri and a Hacker Craft already tied up. This poster commemorated the show’s 25th year

1997 Show Poster

 The Mail Boat

Bags of mail are exchanged at the wharf of a small lakeside tourist hotel, the Wawbeek in Melvin Village, circa 1948. Nosing up to the dock is the U.S. Mail and excursion boat Tonimar, a converted 1926 43′ Hubert Johnson cruiser. A fisherman returns in a canvas covered, cedar strip Old Town skiff with a 5 hp. Johnson outboard. Tied up in the foreground, a 1940 19′ Gar Wood Deluxe Runabout.

1996 Show Poster

1996 Show Poster – Fantail Excursion

This turn-of-the-century scene recalls an era of more graceful lines and a slower pace. A properly dressed couple seated in their wicker deck chairs head out into the bay in an 1890′s naptha-powered fantail launch. Parasoled ladies are rowed about in wine-glass stern skiffs. Gaff-rigged catboats catch an afternoon breeze. The 1872 side-wheel lake steamer Mount Washington arrives in Wolfeboro Bay on its scheduled route around Lake Winnipesaukee, providing an essential link for passengers and freight on the Boston and Maine Railroad.

1995 Show Poster

 Boathouse Vista

Past the bow of a 1904 long deck canoe and the stern of a 1914 30′ Goodhue Laker, a 1934 14′ Century “Black Demon” with a 1929 20 hp Evinrude Speedtwin outboard idles away from the boathouse as a 1931 33′ Gar Wood triple cruises by.

1994 Show Poster

 Custom Classics

A 1934 27′ Chris Craft triple cockpit custom runabout speeds around the bow of a 1910 33′ launch whose foredeck is outfitted with a gleaming array of brass hardware.