2006 Show Poster

Moonlight Over The Broads

“Keen Kutter” knifes thru the moonlit waters of the Broads on Lake Winnipesaukee, circa 1925. Built in an era when the prevailing theory was, the longer and narrower the boat, the faster, it isn’t surprising that when Thomas Plant (“lord” of the Castle in the Clouds)
commissioned Goodhue and Hawkins to build him the fastest boat on the lake, they made it three feet longer than any others they built. Launched in 1913, his 36 foot laker was named for the leather cutting machine he invented for the shoe industry and which brought him much of his fortune. Steaming past Rattlesnake Island in the background, is the “Governor Endicott”. This 100 foot vessel was built at Lakeport in 1905 and operated thru the 1920′s, providing regular service between the railroad station at the Weirs and Melvin Village, including a stop at the Hotel Wawbeek. It also did an extensive excursion business, like these moonlight cruises. “Keen Kutter” still cuts thru the waves of Lake Winnipesaukee. It recently underwent a complete restoration and now resides at Cow Island in Tuftonboro. Hopefully this image will evoke that unforgettable feeling anyone has experienced following that simmering path across those dark waters on their own moonlit excursions.

Each 18”x 24” poster is individually signed by Peter Ferber