2016 Show Poster

The setting is Center Harbor c. 1915, showing the old Colonial Hotel (which had other names thru the years, and burned down in 1919).  You can also pick out the Church on the left, and the Coe House on the right–current-day landmarks.

The launch featured in the foreground has an interesting history, and was on display at our 2016 annual boat show.  The boat dates from 1904, the engine from 1915. It is extremely rare in that it is all original, and has never been restored, just maintained.  Everything you see, even the life jackets and seat cushions, is over 100 years old, and has always been with this boat.  The hull was sold as a kit–fitted at the factory in Baldwinsville, NY, then crated and shipped by rail and canal to the customer on Long Lake in Maine.  It was reassembled and finished in a boathouse there by the property’s caretaker.  While in the process of installing the “new” engine in 1915, World War I sent him off to battle.  Disabled in combat, he was never able to complete the installation, and the boat sat in the boat house for 90 years.  Dusted off and oiled up, the new owners were able to get her running, and now use her on a regular basis.

The other prominent boat is a 1913 Goodhue and Hawkins Laker–the only one built with oak decking.  Behind that is a fantail launch transporting visitors and their luggage across the harbor.  The steamer Cyclone has made a stop in front of the hotel.

Each 18”x 24” poster is individually signed by Peter Ferber